第一篇文章做一點 blog 的簡介,打算把自己在學 data science 還有 machine learning 過程中寫的筆記還有在 MOOC 上課的 code (主要是 jupyter notebook) 記錄下來方便自己以後搜尋。 雖然目前為止我都將 jupyter notebook render 成 HTML 然後存到 Evernote 搜尋, 但是如果該 notebook 一直更新的話就變得很不實際..

</br> 這次利用 python 的 pelican 將 jupyter notebook 轉成靜態網頁, 讓我可以不斷更新 notebooks 而且也希望 code 可以幫助到其他也在做 data science / machine learning 的人當作一些參考。 blog 的走向目前看來應該會是中英夾雜 ..

This is the first post of my blog.

</br> I decided to record my learning path toward data scientist / machine learning engineer and make it easier for my future self to review what I have learnt. This blog will include codes from the courses on MOOC like Coursera, Udacity and also some pet projects. It would also be wonderful if these code and thought can help someone who want to become a data scientist.