從彼此學習 - 淺談機器學習以及人類學習

2018-06-16 (Sat)

說到近年最熱門的機器學習或者人工智慧,因為知識背景以及觀點的不同,幾乎每個人都有不一樣的見解。雖然我們有千百種定義、無數的專業術語,這篇文章希望用直觀的方式以及具體的例子,讓讀者能夠在跳入一大堆 ML 的教學文章以及線上課程之前,能以一個更高層次且人性化的角度理解機器學習,並進而思考要如何開啟自己的機器學習旅程。

Using TensorFlow to Train a Shallow NN with Stochastic Gradient Descent

2017-09-21 (Thu)

The goal here is to progressively train deeper and more accurate models using TensorFlow. We will first load the notMNIST dataset which we have done data cleaning. For the classification problem, we will first train two logistic regression models use simple gradient descent, stochastic gradient descent (SGD) respectively for optimization to see the difference between these optimizers.

Simple Image Recognition using NotMNIST dataset

2017-09-19 (Tue)

Today we're going to do some simple image recogintion using NotMNIST dataset. But before creating model for prediction, it's more important to explore, clean and normalize our dataset in order to make the learning go smoother when we actually build predictive models.